Blog Preview:

The purpose of this blog is to some way support an aspiring computer science student who wants to develop a career in information technology. The blog might also provide information for software engineers who want to try freelancing jobs.

So here is a quick preview of the contents of the blog:

In the ‘First Job’ section, I will talk about what it takes to get an IT job in a corporate company according to me and why communicative English stands more predominant compared to other factors.

‘Tech Talk’ sections to facilitate anybody who is preparing for an IT job in a corporate company.

Sections like ‘voice of  a freelancer’,  ‘online jobs’, ‘digital marketing’ and ‘professional blogging’ talk about my view of a freelancing or independent career that I am trying to built these days.

‘Got an Idea’ talks about how an idea of making life simpler or day to day activities better and smarter using innovative solutions could turn us into entrepreneurs.

My close to heart ‘Why Me?’ section which says do not feel sorry for anything that you miss.

‘contact us’ – do contact us to provide some feedback and suggestions.

Stay tuned for the upcoming blog posts as follows:

‘Informative sites for any IT guy’ – Top most informative sites and apps that any IT guy should be aware of according to us.

‘Entrepreneur Column’ – Talks about recent innovative products that make life easier and better.

‘Current Market Condition’ column talks about the current market condition for the scope of jobs in information technology and surveys predicting the possible ups and downs in this field.

‘Freelancing Trends’ is to provide some information on the scope and recent developments in freelancing based on information technology.

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Thanks, Siddharth & Team