First Job:

We all know it is good to have a academic track record but it is also equally very important to be good at the following skills to get your first job in a corporate company and communication skills takes the foremost and takes the centre stage for a reason.

Communication skills:

This is the foremost important thing because all major corporate companies serve clients from other countries and the medium of communication is English with most or almost all of them.So if the aspirants mother tongue is something other than English language then it is a must to practice reading at least one English newspaper on daily basis and should make it a religious practice to talk at least one family member in English with whom he may be communicating at least a minimum of half an hour a day.

This factor is quite important because if there is lack of fluency while talking to the client then it might directly impact business. So recruiters are very keen on this objective and I have seen many people who are technically sound but does not get selected in campus due to this and vice versa people who are fluent in speaking English but may not be that sound technically gets selected since all jobs (refer job nature page) does not need people to be technically sound but all job types in job nature needs one communicate to the client in one way or the other.

Few tips for effective communication:

To explain this better I would like to quote a famous proverb from my mother tongue back home which translates to ‘The finest of art is made just by constant practise using hand; the mastery of Tamil literature is the practise of tongue’ . Here Tamil is a language which is tough to master due to its vast nature.

The same applies to English language as with any other language just keep talking and reading in English and it is skill mastered one day.

‘The more you use a language the better you become in it’

And so we move on to the next skill or area of focus.

Area of Interest:

For a technical interview which comes after the aptitude test, it is important to have a subject as your area of interest which you are basically good at or you have already improved your confidence on that subject.

From a recruiter point of view it is really challenging for him to choose a candidate out of college who does not have a particular skill set or experience so when there is some topic that you mention in area of interest then it would be easy for him to be specific with the interview questions.Though it is the recruiters choice to ask questions from any subject of the academics, most of them would prefer to ask from the subject mentioned in the ‘area of interest’ part.

It is a very good add on to have certified with the topic that we choose as area of interest and with proper guidance it takes between three to six months of hard work to complete the basic level of certification in a particular subject.I would suggest to have few advanced level of certifications also to have an upper hand or to be more preferred in the interview process.

For example I was a Sun Certified Java Programmer (SJCP 1.4) during college and was also planning for the next level after that but the technology that I was given to work was different during my first job and I had to go with the tide but the coding skills that I developed while preparing for certification did help me a lot.Even when the interviewer was asking few questions from other subjects like data structure which I was not well versed at and was not able answer those questions,my confidence level on the question from my ‘area of interest’ literally got me my first job.

And during the other rounds like HR interview, showing a positive attitude and good communications skills will speak for itself. Being honest and straight forward really works and if it does not work then it is for some good to happen in the future like getting selected in a bigger or better company which appreciates the effort you had put.